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Tea touches and pleases all. It knows no barriers of class or income. Keeping with this spirit, we too aim at satisfying people from all spectrum of the society. Hence, we have developed a wide range of products that serve all classes and taste preferences.

Each brand is a stimulating blend of aroma, taste and color, blended by the right mix of CTC teas, procured from different plantations all over the country, delivers a unique taste. Not surprisingly, each brand has developed its own huge and loyal customer base

CTC Leaf Tea

Special Patti

Number 10

CTC Dust Tea

Number 11

CTC Fanning Tea

Orthodox Tea

Green Spot Loose Tea

Yellow Spot Loose Tea

Dargiling Tea
Organic Green Tea

Organic Green Tea (Darjeeling)

Organic Green Tea (Vanilla)

Organic Green Tea (Rose)

Organic Green Tea (Tulsi & Ginger)

Organic green Tea

Organic Green Tea (Mint)

  Tea helps and aids in reducing free radicals, Along with healthy exercises the risks should minimize, As such the risk of heart disease should minimize as well.

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